Helena Kalsmose

Executive coach, consultant

”As a coach, I am concerned with personal leadership, anchoring actions in a heartfelt mission statement and bringing authentic communication to the fore. As a communication counsellor, I am equally interested in making sure everyone is on board when various preferences, focuses and communication styles need to come together in an organization. Awareness of your own and other people’s preferences is a good starting point for communicating authentically and getting everyone on board.”

Helena focuses on individual managers’ awareness and insight into their own thoughts and action patterns in relation to strategic planning. She also teaches and trains managers in authentic and effective communication.

Helena holds an MA in Linguistics and Communication and is a certified executive coach. She has worked with internal communication for clients like TDC and Atkins Denmark and with creativity and innovation at the consultancy firm Innovator.

Helena is also certified in the ‘Whole Brain’ tool, which is used to analyse and outline the ways in which people think, act and communicate. This is crucial to developing the full potential of strategic planning.

In addition, Helena is certified in ‘Motivation Factor’, which is a very helpful method for combining external and internal motivation in the continual process of strategy development and execution.